Monday, 22 July 2013

Finding Lesbians

It has always been difficult to find lesbians. So difficult in fact that I couldn't even find myself until i was 29 years of age. Laugh because it's true.

I cannot tell you what exact instincts led me at around age 10, to hide my joyous realisation that I loved women. Perhaps it was raw fear, because from what I had (thought I had) seen there were no others like me.. I didn't even know my name. In time I learned that we are lesbians and we have existed for hundreds and hundreds of years!

We are (almost) invisible..

..if it weren't for so many women helping me, and they most likely helped you too. They helped me by authoring books, making art and photography, writing articles, posting on websites and social media, composing songs, starting and participating in the feminist movement, speaking, shouting, whispering, reaching out, leaving me traces and signs and markers and their voices, making themselves visible to me, and by personally giving of their time to acknowledge (notice) me.

It has always been women

And so a wise lesbian recently told me that if I want to help others and myself then I should start by learning our history. I want to share. On this blog I will post our history.. as I learn it.. and as we make it. I will post at least once a week. I will post our faces, our names, and our journey/s that we still tread seperately and together.

Who has paved the way for us? Who are the guardians of our lesbian selves, our sexuality? Who do we look to and stand aside when we are denied and disrespected? Who are our allies, and who are our ememies? Who's voice and sheer persistance lifts and validates lesbians? Who have and continue to make us visible today?

What do we do? Contribute? And why? Where are we? Where have we been? Where are we going? Who are we? Where are you hiding? We are women loving women. We are lesbians.

There are so many (and there is so much) to discover!